Aliens are Stupid. I'm not talking about real aliens. The Others aren't stupid. The Others are far ahead of us, it's like comparing the dumbest human to the smartest dog. No contest.

–Cassie Sullivan

"The Others" (as referred to by Cassie Sullivan), sometimes called the "Silencers", are the hostile alien beings and the main antagonists of The 5th Wave trilogy.


Known silencers

It is revealed that the actual Others are beings that are quite similar to humans and discovered the Earth some time ago. It isn't known if they truly still even exist though their wish to destroy the human race endured.


The Others came from the constellation of Lyra, the second planet from a dwarf star (which was designated as Kepler-438b in 2014) in a large automated ship. However, their weapons (furthermore, their technological advancements) and their intelligence are at far too much of an advantage for humans to successfully combat. They are known to occupy normal human beings' brains and merge with them, sharing their personality and thoughts. These humans, known as Silencers, have stronger endurance, speed, strength and healing ability than normal humans do. They were living on Earth unnoticed since around 1995, when the "intrusion" started, before attacking in a very organized and well-timed manner in the form of "waves". As shown in the engineering of the biological threat "The Red Death", they understand human anatomy very well and are able to create horrific diseases to be used as biological weaponry. They are currently deploying the 5th Wave to eliminate what remains of the human race and taking over the world for themselves.

According to Evan Walker, there was a great deal of debate between the Others about how to handle the situation with the humans. Some wanted to try and live among the humans as silencers while Vosch lead the opposition to eliminate them and take the Earth for themselves.

Ringer soon was captured by Vosch who put her through a process called The 12th System. Nanobots were injected into her that would reshape her body and mind to be just like the other Silencers. It is through all of this that the truth is discovered. The Silencers are humans that were downloaded with the nanobot enhancements and a neural link to the ship's CPU but are still human nonetheless. They were enhanced back when they were all still fetuses in the womb and are really all brainwashed puppets with the exception of Vosch who seems to have upgraded programming built into him. The drones that the Others have flying about are meant to monitor and direct the Silencers.

The spaceship is soon revealed to be an fully automated vessel that has been programmed to utilize The Others' plans to defeat the human race. It is basically an alien computer center. Vosch reveals that he is but one of roughly a dozen Silencers that know the 'truth' about it and the waves. It was used to deliver special alien weaponry to the Earth for the Silencers to use and even had bomb bay doors to launch many destructive rockets and missiles all at once. Cassie Sullivan boarded the ship with Vosch's personal pod and activated one of the Others' explosives to destroy the ship from within. At the same time, Ringer had activated the master killswitch to activate the terminate function of the chips in the child army.

With the ship destroyed, and the child army disabled, The Others' plan to destroy the human race was thwarted. There are still an unknown number of Silencers still on Earth as well as stockpiles of the Others' weapons, all of which Evan Walker is set to destroy.


  • Cassie's father believes that the reason why the Others invaded Earth is because of the conditions on their home planet made it uninhabitable.
  • It is stated that the Others had invented sports, according to Evan Walker.