Teacup is a survivor of the 'waves' and was originally the only female member of Squad 53.

Teacup is described to be the meanest 7 year old that you'll ever meet. She is jealous of Nugget/Sam Sullivan who replaced her role as the adorable, cussing baby of the squad. Initially she hero-worships Reznik but later she develops a tight bond with Ringer, the newest member of Squad 53 who joined after Tank went Dorothy. Teacup is fearless yet fragile. She is unafraid to take risks and seems oblivious to danger but her humanity is evident in the battle-scars she receives during the Fifth Wave. Teacup's vulnerability is seen as important survivors of the waves are overcome and she becomes unsure of who she can trust. Eventually little cracks become visible in the breakable Teacup. She was thought of as disturbing by Cassie Sullivan who thought it bizarre that a young girl like her could stroke an automatic rifle so fondly.

She ultimately met her end when she was shot by Razor to eliminate her as leverage to be used against Ringer.

She has appeared in The 5th Wave and in The Infinite Sea.

The 5th Wave

Teacup was the youngest member of Squad 53 until Sam/Nugget had arrived. She was there to witness when Tank had gone Dorothy and pulled his gun out on all of them when he started raving about the Others. When Ringer came into the squad she was impressed with her tough exterior and feminist attitude. When the squad was given their first combat assignment, Teacup was ready to go.

The assignment went south when the squad was pinned down and had to take cover behind a diesel truck. Ben/Zombie set a bomb to blow and give them so cover and had Teacup run with the rest. She was shot when they made a break for it but was safely brought to a outlet store to recover. Her injury along with Oompa's fatal wounds made Flintstone start to turn on Ben for his leadership decisions. Later, Ringer and Ben found out that Reznik had been shooting at them from sniper position and she was shocked. Even more shocked to learn that they weren't fighting 'Teds' like they were told and that Camp Haven was a lie.

Ben had gone back to the Camp to try and save Nugget and her gun wound was treated by Dumbo. She was there to greet Ben and even Sam when they had gotten back from Camp Haven along with Sam's sister Cassie Sullivan.

The Infinite Sea

After Camp Haven was destroyed, the squad went to hold themselves up at a hotel that Cassie was told to go by Evan Walker. In honor of that, Ringer christened the place as the Walker Hotel. They decided to stay there for a few days to figure out their next move. Teacup overheard the talk between Nugget and her sister when it turned to what happened to their father and Sam seemed to be getting madder the more they talked. Teacup teased and laughed at him and that got the two of them to get into a fight which was quickly broken up by Ben.

Ringer was soon sent off to investigate the nearby caves to see if they would make a better shelter than the hotel and also to find more survivors. Teacup didn't want Ringer to go and snuck off from the rest of the squad to follow her. She sneaked up on Ringer which made her shoot, thinking that Teacup was an enemy and got shot. Soon, real enemies emerged. They were soldiers of Camp Haven and eventually choppers descended upon them. Ringer decided to surrender to them in order to get Teacup the medical attention she needed to tend to her gunshot wound.

Teacup was kept hidden from Ringer at the new Camp Haven and used as a bargaining chip to force Ringer's cooperation with Vosch. When Ringer was escaping the base with the aid of another recruit named Razor, Ringer found her. They then went to escape the base together in a chopper that Razor managed to get for them along with a pilot. They flew off but eventually were being targeted by F-15's. Razor was told to parachute out with Teacup while Ringer ran a diversion using the chopper. Razor pulled the chute out and shot out of the chopper with Teacup in his arms.

However, Razor had been working for Vosch the whole time and had her brought back to the base as a prisoner again. Eventually, he and Ringer were both brought back and Vosch had Teacup brought to her to show that Ringer had no choice but to do what he wanted. Razor, however, turned on Vosch and shot and killed Teacup in order to eliminate his leverage over Ringer.



Teacup looks up to Ringer more than anyone else. She got a good impression of her when she first met the new addition to the squad and it only grew after they had their first field mission. She never wants to be too far from Ringer for too long. That is why Teacup took off from the others in the hotel when Ringer left to do a solo mission in the nearby caves.

Sammy Sullivan/Nugget

Teacup seems to have a very adversarial relationship with Nugget. Most likely stemmed from jealousy when Sam had come in and replaced her as the youngest member of the squad. They always tend to argue which grew worse when the squad went AWOL. At the Walker Hotel, the two of them got into an argument when she called him stupid when Cassie told him the news of their father and the two of them started to come to blows.


Unlike most of the other recruits at Camp Haven that despised Reznik, Teacup actually admired him to the point of worship. It kept going until it was revealed that Reznik was an Other to which she then though of him in disgust.