The locket of Sissy Parish.

The locket is a pendant on a silver chain that originally belonged to Sissy Parish. It currently is in the possession of Ben Parish.

The Story of the Locket

Sometime in between the Second and Third Wave, people started to get violent, going around raping and killing and robbing. When Ben Parish went through Wonderland, we discovered what happened the night his family died and how he got hold of the necklace. As a precautionary, Ben's father boarded up the doors to their house. They suddenly heard gunshots moving down the street, the sound of glass shattering and people screaming put Ben's mother into fear, she ordered them to blow out the candles. In the pitch black, Ben's father said to Ben "If anything happens to me, take care of your mother and baby sister." The front door crashes open, Ben's dad shoots an intruder in the chest but the man keeps going. His father is then shot in the face with a sawed-off shotgun.

Ben runs and takes Sissy as his mother dies. Ben then tries to run upstairs but someone grabs his shirt and flings him backward. He tumbles down cradling Sissy and smacking down headfirst at the bottom. The men then proceed to take the girl, as Ben reaches for her in the dark his fingers grab the locket. The chain tears, and Sissy is killed. The three men start to beat up Benjamin. One of the men attempt to bash him with Ben's father's hammer, but misses only grazing his temple as Ben rolls away. Benjamin gets up and runs, through the house out the door, through the backyard. With the Locket in his hand he did not stop, he only ran.

The locket stayed with Ben up until he was taken to Camp Haven. There it was taken when Ben went through treatment for helping him fight off the plague of the 3rd Wave. Vosch returned it to him with promises of helping him get revenge.

When Ben was leaving for his first mission with the rest of his squad, he made a promise to Sam Sullivan that he would come back. Sam didn't believe in promises after his sister failed to keep her promise so he took off the locket and gave it to Sam saying that he would be back for that. When Ben returned he had taken the locket back from him to keep the promise he made.


Sissy Parish

Benjamin Thomas Parish

Sam Sullivan