Razor is a survivor of the 'waves' and a recruit of the new Camp Haven in The Infinite Sea

Razor is somewhere between 16-18 years old. He is described as having blonde hair and is lean with not too much muscle. His real name is Alex. He was named Razor by his drill sargeant because he had cut himself shaving when he arrived at the camp. He is also part of a squad and mentioned that one of its members is a guy named Prawn.

He serves as a love interest of Ringer's that developed during her capture and imprisonment in Camp Haven II. He was loyal to Vosch but his new feelings and attachment to Ringer had made him switch allegiances and try to help her fight against him which got him shot and killed by Vosch men.

Ringer later gives birth to their daughter Cassie.


Razor is described to have blonde hair with auburn highlights, fair skin, and light brilliant blue eyes. He is tall and lean, not buff like Zombie, with what Ringer described as a swimmers body. He was thought as "attractive" by Ringer.

Early Life

Alex's grandmother used to have a dog named Flubby. He used to live in Ann Arbor. He also has a good love of bubblegum. His mother wanted him to be a doctor, but his father wanted him as an electrician. His father often said he wasn't smart enough to be a doctor but didn't intend it as an insult. He thought it was good that his son should try to be his own man and not 'The Man's man'. He claims to have had a cousin, Stacey, that was a meth addict. When he was younger, he played both soccer and baseball. Razor dreamed of playing for the Wolverines, but he grew up taller instead of bigger, and decided he wanted to become a professional baseball player, but couldn't, because of the waves. He was the youngest of five children and he had a girlfriend named Olivia that wanted to be a doctor herself. 

The Infinite Sea

Razor was a soldier at the new Camp that was set up after Camp Haven had been destroyed by an attack by Squad 53. When Ringer was taken prisoner but tried to escape he went to intercept her. She punched him in the throat before taking his gun. Razor silently watched as she was contemplating suicide but Vosch talked her out of it when he reminded her that they still had Teacup. He believed her to be a Dorothy, one of the ones he heard about from Squad 53 that were raving that it was really Vosch and the other officers of Camp Haven that were Others instead of the 'Teds' they were fighting.

He was assigned to guard and watch over Ringer, day and night, as she recovered. They talked about many things including their families, past before the waves, and even about their squads. Ringer taught Razor chess and in turn he taught her 'chaseball'. They played both everyday until Ringer was taken to be part of the 12th System which was believed to be when a Ted was injected with nanobots to cleanse the alien influence within them. However, Razor went to Ringer and they started to form a plan for their escape. He slipped laxatives and chemicals into her food so that it looked like Ringer was suffering heavily from the lack of medications that Vosch had her on which put her doctors and guards under a false sense of security when she broke out. Razor commandeered them a chopper and a pilot under duress while Ringer got out of the base, with Teacup who she had found, and they took off.

They flew off some distance before their radar detected F-15's closing in on them. Ringer told Razor to take Teacup with him and parachute away from the chopper while she stayed to try and throw them off. Razor asked Ringer of how he would find her and she told him to head for the 'fire'. Just before he took Teacup Razor went and gave Ringer a kiss. Razor found Ringer again when he found the burning wreckage from the chopper and followed the fire like Ringer had told him. When she asked where Teacup was Razor had told her that she was safe and waiting in a warehouse he found a few miles out. They made it there but Ringer was suspicious. It was then that Razor revealed that he was working for Vosch the whole time and that this all was just another test.

They were instructed to stay at the barn until they were picked up. Ringer was angry at Razor and asked if Teacup was fine and he vaguely told her that she probably was as long as Ringer did what they wanted. He helped nurse her like before in that barn but she wasn't as receptive to him as before. When asked 'why', he said that it was because he had no choice. Razor didn't want to believe Ringer's story because if it was true then he really had no hope left. Deep down, Razor seemed to know that Ringer was telling him the truth but was too afraid to accept it. Ringer seemed to forgive him and the two of them spent the night intimately together in the barn.

Soon, a chopper arrived at the barn and took them back to the Camp. Vosch welcomed them back and then started to ask Ringer more questions on if she thought she 'passed'. When Ringer was trying to refuse complying to Vosch demands, Razor went and shot Teacup and killed her. That made Vosch lose the only thing that kept him from having control of Ringer. Razor was then shot by another one of Vosch's soldiers as Ringer jumped out a window right after killing him.

The Last Star

Razor's body had been seen by Milk of Squad 19 and it caused him and his squad to adopt a new harder mindset, as well as scar the letters VQP onto their arms.

As it turned out, from Ringer and Razor's night together, Ringer had become pregnant with his child which she discovered when she had dizzy and vomit spells even with the aid of the 12th System. She told Ben about being pregnant and told him all about Razor.

When Cassie absorbed the collection of consciousness stored inside Wonderland, she was able to take in Razor's memories and feelings. She went on and told Ringer that Razor had actually loved her very much.

Roughly a year later, when the 5th Wave had been stopped and The Others' spaceship had been destroyed, Ringer (now going by her real name Marika) gave birth to her and Razor's daughter. She decided to honor Cassie and name their daughter after her.



Ringer thought he was handsome. Razor and Ringer spent a lot of time together as he was her unofficial nurse during her captivity by Vosch. She taught him chess and he taught her 'chaseball', chess and baseball, which they played on and off nearly everyday during her nursing period. Razor "liked" her, but also was secretly working for Vosch. At first he betrays her, trying to be a dutiful soldier but in the end has a change of heart. Ringer and Razor end up having sex in a warehouse after Razor took all the dead bodies that were in it outside and set them on fire. While helping Ringer escape from Vosch, he is shot in the chest but it is unknown if he survived or not.

It turns out that Ringer became pregnant after their night together. A fact that Ringer was upset about as she felt bringing a child into this new world wasn't the right or good at all. Yet, that changed when The 5th Wave had been stopped and she was now living happily on a farm alongside, Ben, Sam, Megan, and Evan. She went on to have a daughter that she named Cassie.