Poundcake is one of the characters in The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea.

He is a survivor of the waves and a member of Squad 53. Poundcake is described as a big 8 year old that never talks. He has refused to talk after his mother died from the plague, insane and full of hate. He is the second best sniper in the group after Ringer. He was named Poundcake by Reznik for the cake he had in his possession and also because he thought the boy was soft and sweet as cake.

Poundcake serves as a minor narrator in The Infinite Sea.


Poundcake's family consisted of his parents and his "baby" brother, who, when the plague hit, was actually three years old. Upon running low on candles, his father left the family home to get more and never came back. With his mother succumbing rapidly to the disease, and food being nearly diminished, Poundcake left his house to get food. After scavenging countless houses and public areas, he had only found a piece of cake. When he returned home, he found that his brother was no longer there. His mother eventually died from the disease, but not before insulting him on his weight and accusing him of killing their entire family. After that, he refused to speak, and never did up until his death.

The 5th Wave

Poundcake eventually found his way into Camp Haven and was brought into Squad 53. He resumed his silence with everyone in the camp, even Reznik.


Poundcake during his first combat mission

He was with the rest of his squad when they were dispatched on their first mission to attack scout and attack a cache of weapon supplies from a group of 'Teds'. On the mission, he was forced to watch as Oompa bled out, Teacup getting shot and dodging fire from the enemy as well as a sniper. When Ben and Ringer had explained the truth about Reznik and their camp, he calmly listened to them. He believed them fully when Flintstone killed himself with the killswitch to prove their theories.

The Infinite Sea

After Camp Haven was destroyed Poundcake and the rest of the squad went to hold up in the Walker Hotel. When Ringer went off to investigate the nearby cave systems Teacup had slipped away and gone after her. Ben had Poundcake go after her to try and bring her back but Poundcake returned without her as he couldn't find her anywhere. He returned to the Walker Hotel to find that Evan Walker had actually made it like Cassie had said he would. When issues of trusting Evan came into question, Cassie argued that perhaps it was Poundcake that couldn't be trusted because he didn't speak which could make him the perfect candidate to be a Silencer himself.

Soon enough, a girl named Megan, who was a recruit from Camp Haven arrived at the Walker Hotel. Sam recognized him but Evan instantly warned them not to crowd her as she possessed an explosive chip in her throat that reacted to CO2. Poundcake and the rest of the squad evacuated to a diner across the street while Cassie and Evan stayed behind to try and remove the bomb from Megan. They were successful but Evan told them that they weren't out of danger yet as they were being tested and since the bomb didn't go off there was a good chance that they would be attacked by Vosch.

Poundcake and Ben had gone off to find an old soft drink canister in the nearby diner to help set the explosive chip that was removed from Megan to self destruct. However, Dumbo and Sam weren't anywhere to be seen when they returned which made them go on alert. Poundcake helped save Cassie, Dumbo and Evan Walker from Grace as he and Ben arrived to help drive her away but he was shot by her when she took off to find cover. Ben tried to carry him out of the hotel before Evan could set it to blow but he collapsed under carrying him. Ben didn't want to leave him but Dumbo verified that it was too late for him.

Poundcake was still unknowingly conscious so he was aware that they left him but he wasn't angry or resentful to them. He knew he was dying but he found that he still had some fight left in him so he headed back into the hotel. He caught sight of Grace who then turned her gun on him and shot his gun away before shooting a two more times at his knees. She teased and taunted him to get him to talk but he stayed silent. He caught sight of Evan Walker slipping away and helped to buy him time. He went to where they had placed bag with the explosive chip and the sight made Grace flinch in fear. She tried to talk Poundcake out of it by convincing him that she could help save him. However, she then attacked when she saw that he wasn't going for it. He opened the bag and breathed hard into it in order to set it off and was killed in the explosion.

The Last Star

When Cassie was plugged into Wonderland she absorbed the consciousness and memories of everyone that had been tapped into it, including Poundcake.


  • In the film adaptation, Poundcake's age was raised to be roughly the same as Ben Parish.
  • The film has Poundcake talk though he doesn't say too much. The bare minimum that he needs to say.