Kenny better known as Oompa is a survivor of the waves and a member of Squad 53. He is described as a chubby kid with crooked teeth that is always last in drills but first in the chow line. He was given his name based on the fact that he loves chocolate and the smell of candy is always in his breath. He was killed in the squad's first mission by a piece of metal that pierced him. When it was pulled out, he died from the blood loss.

He only appears in The 5th Wave.

The 5th Wave

Oompa was brought into Camp Haven on the buses and was then put into Squad 53 under Flintstone's command. Oompa watched as Ben/Zombie had stood up to Reznik as he was abusing Sam/Nugget in front of the squad. Reznik then introduced Ben as the new squad leader. Oompa seemed to get along well with most of his squad. He was present when Tank started going Dorothy and started waving around a gun and had to be taken down. Not too long after that, Ringer was brought in to replace him.

Oompa was with the rest of the squad when they were given their first combat assignment. They were dropped off by helicopter just outside the kill zone where they had to hike it on foot. They came upon three Teds and Ringer quickly took two of them out. However, they were soon pinned by a sniper. They knew that the third one that got away would bring reinforcements so they had to move. Ben ordered them to run for cover in pairs and put Oompa with Poundcake. He set a grenade into the diesel truck they were taking cover in to throw off the sniper and buy them time. However, the explosion sent a metal disc flying right into Oompa's back. It was taken out but Oompa started to bleed out. He was laid down and Ben went to his side and Oompa assured him that he didn't blame him. His last words were that his name was Kenny.

Oompa's body was taken by them to a parking garage and then left in a car with the hopes that it could be retrieved later. His body was indeed retrieved by the soldiers and brought back to Camp Haven for analysis along with Flintstone.

The Last Star

When Cassie Sullivan hooked herself up to Wonderland, she absorbed the consciousness and memories of everyone that had ever been tapped by it including Oompa.


In the film, Oompa was shot clean through by enemy fire which killed him instantly. The squad had to leave his body behind in the bus that they had set to blow to create a diversion.