Elizabeth Samantha Morgan better known as Lizbeth Morgan is Cassie's best friend and only appears in her memories. Her fate is currently unknown though it is very likely that she was killed in the 3rd or 4th Wave.

The 5th Wave

Before the Arrival, Cassie and Lizbeth went to George Bernard High School together and were best friends. She knew of Cassie's feelings towards Ben Parish and would often try to convince her to 'go for it' but Cassie would shoot her attempts down. Lizbeth was briefly mentioned when Cassie tried dating Mitchell and needed help from her to get away from him as she wasn't having much fun. The last time they saw each other was after the First Wave hit and everyone in the school gathered in the gym. Before Cassie's dad came to take her back home from school, Lizbeth joked with Cassie that she should ask Ben for some end of the world sex. When she was done teasing her, she did seriously suggest that she tell Ben how she really felt about him but Cassie refused. They left each other with a promise to call each other when the power came back on. Since the 1st Wave knocked out all power near permanently, they never got that chance. Cassie still keeps Lizbeth's picture with her.

It could be highly assumed that Lizbeth met her end as a result of the 3rd or 4th Wave.


Lizbeth is described as having long dyed blond hair. She has just started wearing contacts but they bugged her constantly and her nails are often lacquered.


  • In the film, Cassie had last seen Lizbeth when she went to the makeshift treatment site for the plague. Lizbeth was placed into quarantine though she insisted that she felt fine. Cassie was led away and barely caught a final glimpse of her worried face looking back at her.