Hutchfield was the man that was in charge of overseeing Camp Ashpit. He gathered survivors of the first three waves together where they could have food, water, shelter and protection. He seemed to have gathered much respect in the Ashpit and was greatly respected as a leader, notably by Oliver Sullivan.

He met his end by Vosch and his soldiers when they shot him down with the other adults of Camp Ashpit after they took the children.

The 5th Wave

Sullivans meet Hutchfield

Hutchfield meets the Sullivan family

When Oliver Sullivan and his family came upon Camp Ashpit, Hutchfield had welcomed them and brought them in. He laid down the rules and explained all there was to know about everything. Cassie noticed her father working more and more with Hutchfield the longer they were there. Hutchfield seemed to have come to trust Oliver and respect his intelligence. He, like the rest of the camp, became concerned when the drones started flying in the sky.
Hutchfield ashpit

Hutchfield keeping the camp calm as the soldiers arrive

On the day Vosch arrived with his soldiers, Hutchfield and Oliver had gone to greet and talk with him. Vosch explained that they were from the Wright-Patterson air force base and had been in heavy quarantine. Now they were looking for survivors. Hutchfield believed him and helped in gathering the children to the buses for safety before getting the adults together. However, Vosch and the soldiers were really Silencers and opened fire on them and Hutchfield was killed.