Grace is a character in The Infinite Sea who appears in the present and Evan Walker's past memories after being Awakened. She is a Silencer and is part of The Others' 4th Wave. Unlike Evan Walker she finds no affection for the humans and delights in 'silencing' them.


Grace has blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is said to be tall and slim, as well as being extremely beautiful.

The Infinite Sea

Grace was the silencer that found Evan in an escape pod after the destruction of Camp Haven. It turns out that she and Evan had known each other a few years before the Arrival. When they were young teenagers the two of them had run into one another at a carnival. They were able to identify each other as silencers and seemed to connect to that fact. Grace remarked on how the humans had no idea to what was coming with some amusement while Evan counter argued that it wasn't so funny.

Grace took Evan back to her place where she nursed him back to health, healing his second-degree burns from the explosions, feeding him and clothing him. Despite being creatures of the same species, Grace thought there was something different about Evan that she couldn't quite place her finger on. She started to seduce him and Evan played along with her until he attacked her and got away. He found that Grace kept locks of hair from all the humans that she shot down as her own personal 'trophies'.

Grace followed after him to the Walker Hotel where Squad 53 had taken shelter. She managed to slip past the squad's defenses and got to Evan's room where she held both Cassie and Dumbo hostage. When she learned that Cassie was the human that Evan had taken to, she cruelly kissed Evan in front of her but Evan then disarmed her which left her open to be ambushed by the timely arrival of Ben and Poundcake. The squad pushed her to fall back but she managed to shoot Poundcake giving him a fatal wound. Evan stayed behind to trap Grace and blow the hotel to take her out with. The squad evacuated the hotel which started to be swarmed by the arrival of a chopper on the roof. Grace tried to go find Evan but instead found Poundcake who wandered back into the hotel despite his injury. Grace shot Poundcake a few more times to try and torture him into saying something as he didn't talk. Poundcake didn't budge but did manage to see Evan slip by. He fought to get to where they placed the explosive that they removed from Megan earlier and Grace immediately recognized what it was. She tried to talk Poundcake out of it, tell him that she could help save him but Poundcake wasn't buying it. She tried to rush at him to stop him but he went and triggered the bomb to blow. She was killed in the ensuing explosion.

The Last Star

Her safehouse was being used by Squad 53 and Evan as they recovered their strength and hid from Vosch after the Walker Hotel was lost. Evan and Cassie also were feeling some distance forming between them and Evan thought it was because of Grace but Cassie told him that it wasn't because of her.