I have the heart to do what I have to do.

–Evan Walker

Evan Walker is one of the main characters in The 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey.

He is a silencer and one of the Others who have come to Earth. He first came upon Cassie Sullivan as one of his targets, but after wounding her he instead chooses to care for and then love her. He eventually becomes Cassie's love interest. Those feelings are soon returned but become complicated when she learns that he isn't truly human. As time goes on, Evan begins to question his place as a Silencer in the Others' Invasion. He ultimately chooses to side with Cassie and her friends against Vosch.

It is soon discovered that Evan, along with the other silencers, are truly humans but were enhanced by the Others from when they were still in the womb by use of alien nanotechnology. He has strength, speed and endurance greater than that of normal humans as well as a neural connection to the Others' spaceship. He has been classified as a threat by Vosch.

Over time, he gets captured by Vosch and drained of his memories and consciousness to make him into a blank slate and killing machine. He returns to normal due to Ringer and Ben Parish giving him his consciousness back but learns that Cassie has sacrificed her life to stop the 5th Wave. He helps Ben and the others get settled to live a new life before he embarks on a solo mission to eliminate the remaining Silencers and military bases before they could regroup to kill the remaining humans.

Evan serves as a narrator in The Infinite Sea and The Last Star .

He is portrayed by Alex Roe in the film adaptation.

The 5th Wave

Evan Walker

Evan Walker as a Silencer

He is first introduced as the silencer that shoots Cassie Sullivan on the highway. He decided to not kill her and help her because he has fallen in love with her courage, strength and beauty, so he shoots her leg forcing her to hide and try to stop the bleeding. She eventually gets out under the truck and makes a run for it but passes out. He then goes and carries her back to his family's home and takes care of her until she can move again. He treated her gunshot wound and stitched it up. When Cassie awakens, Evan tells her that he had found her off the side of the road during one of his hunting trips.

Evan introduces himself to Cassie

He had seen that she was hurt and so he had brought her back to his house. While initially suspicious of him, Cassie saw that she had no choice but to accept his help as she was hurt too badly to travel and would have to rest. Evan went on to explain that it was just him there as his family and girlfriend had perished from the 3rd Wave. Cassie then went on to tell Evan stories of her time at school and told him of her friend Lizbeth and of her boyfriend Ben Parish. However, Evan knew that Ben wasn't her boyfriend as he had Cassie's journal and had read all about her life but kept the fact that he knew of her lie to himself

One night, Cassie, while Evan is out hunting, goes looking around to see what he is hiding. She goes out into the barn and finds her M16 underneath some blankets. While still in the barn she turns to bump into Evan. He asks her what she was doing there and she said she heard a noise and went to investigate but that there was nothing except rats. Evan knows she found her M16 and tells her that he got it on the highway and knew it was her by the initials CS that were scratched on it. He didn't give it to her because he thought she would run or shoot him. Cassie thinks it's a plausible story but still has doubts about him. They talk about allowing themselves to trust.

Evan joins Cassie

Evan decides to help Cassie save her brother

When Cassie get strong enough, she is bent on getting to Wright-Patterson and finding her brother. Evan tries to convince her that she won't make it by herself but she stubbornly refuses to leave her brother so Evan tells her that he will join her. They set off to go find Sam and Evan sets his house on fire to cover their tracks. While on the way the two of them begin to get more comfortable around each other and eventually they go and and share a kiss. Their time together is cut short when they run into some child soldiers. Evan takes them all out with ease as Cassie watches in horrific fascination. When Evan returns to her she tries to keep her distance as she has found out that he is a silencer. Not just any silencer but the one who had shot her.
Cassie finds out

Cassie discovers Evan's secret

She also realizes that the 'hunting trips' he went on were really him going out to shoot and kill more people like herself that he found. Evan tries to explain that he is an Other but he is still human as well which Cassie angrily says couldn't be possible given what the Others had done. This brings her to an emotionally unstable place. She pulls out her gun on him and fights in the decision to shoot him or help him. Evan is injured and Cassie helps him.

Evan finally goes on to explain more about the nature of the Others and of the true nature of the 'waves'. Evan confesses that he loves her and tells her going to find Sammy at Wright-Patterson, aka Camp Haven is suicide. She refuses to back down and insists on going. They come up with a plan to get her in, with Evan helping from the outside. Evan tells her the truth of his life and she even allows his mind into her body. They say their goodbyes and Cassie goes in.

He watches as Cassie infiltrates Camp Haven as a new recruit and then goes about giving her long distance support. Evan snipes the soldier sentries from afar and then infiltrates the base and begins to hack into the power grid. His actions make Vosch leave the three he has taken prisoner to see into what has happened and then later evacuate the base.
Evan arriving

Evan infiltrates Camp Haven to help Cassie, Sam and Ben

Evan then finds Cassie after she has found her brother and reunited with Ben Parish. He tells her that Cassie was right and that he couldn't be both human and an Other and he has decided to be human. He warns her that the base is going to be destroyed and she must flee. He disappears to ensure that the base is destroyed. He rigs up the camp's Eyes to destruct in order to bring down the base which leaves nothing but a giant sinkhole where it once stood after all is said and done. Though at the end of the book it is unclear if Evan survives or not.

The Infinite Sea

After the destruction of Camp Haven, it is seen that Evan has somehow survived. Evan is struggling to walk and he is found by Grace. He met her before the waves at a carnival. She instantly knew Evan was one of their own and wanted to talk to him. Grace instantly shows affection towards Evan. Probably because he is the only Other she has met before. She is also a Silencer. Evan has many injuries from when the base got blown up. Grace and Evan head back to Grace's place. Grace tries to seduce Evan and, keeping his promise to Cassie, he injures Grace and leaves. He is still weak and has difficulty trying to get Cassie; it's very similar to when Cassie got shot and had to crawl to get away. He is aware that Grace isn't going to kill him. She follows him for about two days before a group comes and shoots her in upper thigh and the shoulder. While she falls to the ground, Evan makes a run for it.

He makes his way to the hotel where Cassie and Squad 53 have holed themselves up. Evan thinks he sees her shadow. Not certain, he still goes in. When he enters the hotel he first takes out Dumbo. He finds Ben and knocks him out. Cassie finds Ben and only sees Evans backside and she shoots him. He doesn't die from the gunshot but he does pass out. When he finally comes to he sees that the squad has picked up a new occupant in the hotel called Megan. Right away he informs them that something is wrong with her and that she possesses a sophisticated bomb in her throat that reacts to CO2. Ben Parish leads everyone but Cassie and himself to a diner across the street for safety while the two of them stay to try and remove it safely from Megan and save her as well as them. Fortunately, they manage to succeed and stash the bomb somewhere safe.

He starts recovering but will not be able to leave the hotel for about a month. Before he could fully warn Cassie, Grace shows up and tries to attack them. She incapacitates Cassie and Dumbo and after learning who Cassie is, she kisses Evan in front of her. Ultimately, Evan and the squad manage to drive her off but they realize that they can't stay there. Evan convinces them to leave and go to Grace's safe house but he can't come with them. A very tearful goodbye happens between Cassie and Evan and he gives her a farewell kiss. He tells her that on the equinox an escape pod will come that was meant for Grace. He wants Cassie to take it and "end it". He doesn't completely tell what that means but it's important. After that they leave and he goes to blow the hotel but the way to where they had left the explosive chip is blocked by Grace. He crawls away in sight of Poundcake who doesn't reveal it and the boy managed to get to the chip and set off the explosion himself. Evan maybe still inside but - once again - it is unclear if he survives or not.

Cassie and the remaining members of the group are resting in the woods and they hear someone walking in the brush. Then out of the tree line comes a wounded but alive Evan Walker.

The Last Star

When Evan had found his way back to Cassie and Squad 53, he led them off to Grace's safehouse. There, they found a good amount of food and supplies that they used to recover themselves from the events back at the Walker Hotel.


Cassie Sullivan

Evan and Cassie

Evan and Cassie

When Evan first stumbled upon Cassie, he had gone and shot her as any other target that stumbled onto his territory as a Silencer. However, when he did he found himself unable to kill her due to the remarkable strength she showed that set her apart from his previous targets. She intrigued him so he nursed her to health and wanted to learn more about her. Over time, he began to grow fond of her. It eventually evolved into love though it became complicated when she found that he was a Silencer and was the one that shot her. Despite that, she knew that she needed him to rescue her brother Sam so she had to grudgingly accept his help. And he did help her, to the point that he seemingly sacrificed himself to help her and her brother, along with Ben Parish escape Camp Haven.

They entered a complicated time of their relationship after that, which was further complicated by both Ben and the members of Squad 53 insisting that Evan couldn't be trusted. Evan worked hard to get back to Cassie though he was hindered by Grace, his old 'friend'. She had gone on and tried to further the rift with him and Cassie by flirting and kissing him in front of her as she was about to kill them. He was willing to sacrifice himself again to help Cassie get away but managed to escape Grace alive. Though they were together again, Cassie was beginning to pull away from Evan. She claimed that he wasn't in love with her but was in love with the idea of her. They ended up consummating their relationship as she accepted her feelings of him though they 'knew' it wouldn't truly come to be. This was proven right when Evan was taken by Vosch and stripped of all his memories of his life and of Cassie leaving him an empty shell.

He didn't know or recognize Cassie or Ringer when they infiltrated Camp Haven II and were forced to fight against him. Both Ringer and Ben managed to give Evan his memories back but he had come to learn that Cassie was now dead, making the ultimate sacrifice to destroy the Others' spaceship and stopping the 5th Wave. He still holds her memory close to his heart and has decided to set off to destroy all the remaining bases that had technology from the Others to make sure that Cassie's sacrifice wasn't in vain.


Grace is the first of Evan's fellow Silencers that he had met. They were surprised to run into each other at a carnival a few years before the Arrival. He found her views on the humans to be a bit cynical as well as her feelings of amusement on what would happen to them in the future. It seems that the two of them were also involved on a sexual level before the ship arrived. When he was injured after destroying Camp Haven, he had stumbled into her territory and she moved to help him in a similar manner that he had done for Cassie.  He was disturbed at how Grace kept clumps of hair from her targets as trophies and knew that he couldn't stay with her. She tried to seduce him but his new feelings for Cassie kept him from giving into her. 

When he got away from Grace, she had followed him all the way to the Walker Hotel. There, she had kissed and intimately touched him in front of Cassie to stir them both up. He then moved to attack her in order to save Cassie as well as Squad 53. She found amusement and joy in trying to 'hunt' for him though he was able to avoid being caught by her until the hotel exploded and claimed her life.

Ben Parish

Evan first learned of Ben Parish through reading Cassie's journal and learned of her long-term and unrealized crush on him though Cassie told him that Ben was her boyfriend. They finally met at Camp Haven when he arrived to try and save Cassie from Vosch's soldiers. Ben immediately was hostile with Evan as soon as he learned that he was an Other. This mistrust carried on from that moment even when it was thought that Evan might be dead. When Evan and Ben met again, the two of them immediately got into a brawl at the Walker Hotel. Ben had thought that he was there to kill them and Evan was trying to knock out the Squad so as to get to Cassie without any trouble. Ben didn't hide his mistrust of him and tried to argue against any idea or plan that Evan had laid out.

Yet, all that changed after Evan let himself be taken by Vosch to try and spare them. When Vosch had taken Evan's memories away, Ben moved to try and get them back for him alongside Ringer. He also went and broke the news to him that Cassie was dead. They both shared grief in her loss and the mistrust and tension between them seemed to disappear. A year after that, the two of them ended up becoming good friends. When Evan wanted to leave to try and destroy the bases that still had Others' technology, Ben was able to guess that Evan was hoping to get some revenge out of doing this. He warned him that it wouldn't bring Cassie back but he insisted that he needed to do this or else innocent human lives would be at risk again. Ben threatened to kill him in order to stop more future killing but Evan pointed out that Ben was no killer.


Evan Walker1

Evan Walker in his 'hunting' attire

  • At the end of The 5th Wave, it is clear Evan survives.
    • Rick Yancey says in one of his interviews with Entertainment Weekly that he will address the question of if Evan survived in his sequel, The Infinite Sea.
    • Evan Walker survives as he was saved by Grace and is nursed and treated in the same manner by her that Cassie was by him.
    • The hotel that Squad 53 stayed in they had decided to name the Walker Hotel on account of him helping them to escape and bring down Camp Haven.
    • In the film, Evan Walker isn't the silencer that shoots Cassie but is the one that shoots the silencer that does.
    • In The Last Star, Evan's narrations were labeled as Evan and then as Silencer after Wonderland tapped his memories.