Dumbo is a survivor of the 'waves' and is a member of Squad 53. He serves as the squad's medic. He got his name due to the fact that his ears are quite large. While he might not have true medical training, he does know a lot of the human body to do basic treatments.

The 5th Wave

Dumbo was brought into Camp Haven by the buses where he was then put into Squad 53. He was trained to be the squad's medic and learned about the human anatomy and learned how to treat basic wounds. When his squad leader Ben Parish and Ringer learned of what the Camp really was and that their commanding officers were really Others he was shocked. Ben wanted to go back into the Camp to get back Nugget so he asked where he could take a bullet but not die so that he could be let back in. Dumbo told him where would be the best place and Ringer shot him.

When the base was collapsing, Dumbo returned with the rest of the squad in a stolen Humvee where they rescued Ben, Sam and Cassie Sullivan. He treated all three of them of their injuries and bandaged them up.

The Infinite Sea

Dumbo was with his squad when they went to a abandoned hotel that Ringer christened the Walker Hotel. He was made to stay behind when Ringer went off to investigate some nearby caves and when Ben sent Poundcake out to try to bring Teacup back when she ran off after her.

When Evan breached the hotel Dumbo was incapacitated by him. When Evan was brought to a sick bed, he determined that he would probably be bedridden for a month. Ben was astonished that he could have the energy to break in and take them down but now would be bedridden for a month. Dumbo guessed that Evan was stronger than he looked as the Others would choose strong humans to inhabit. His smart reasoning seemed to surprise Cassie. He and Cassie shared a moment alone where he explained that the reason he was called Dumbo was not because he wasn't smart but because of his ears which Cassie soon noticed did move and flap like the character's.

Soon after, a girl named Megan arrived at the hotel and Evan disclosed that she had a bomb inserted in her throat. Dumbo went with the others to a diner across the street from the hotel while Cassie and Evan stayed to remove the bomb. When the silencer Grace attacked the hotel, she had Dumbo and Cassie at in the room that they were keeping Evan. Dumbo watched as Grace toyed with the fact that Evan had feelings for Cassie and kissed him in front of her. However, Ben and Poundcake returned and helped them drive Grace off. Dumbo was forced to escape the hotel with the others when Evan said that he had to stay and deal with Grace. He watched the hotel blow up a safe distance away.

When they were outside the city limits, he was with the others as they regrouped and mourned the loss of Evan and Poundcake until they were surprised when Evan came limping along through the trees.

The Last Star

Dumbo had traveled with the others to Grace's safehouse where they found many supplies, food and weapons for them to use. When Ben decided to head off to the city for the caverns to find Ringer and Teacup, Dumbo quickly agreed to go with him. Ben told Dumbo that if he were to get shot or killed then he had to leave him and head back to the safehouse with the others but Dumbo told him that he was with Ben until the end.

When they made it to the city, they were soon pelted by enemy gunfire. Dumbo quickly noticed that Ben was about to get hit and quickly stepped in the way of the bullet heading for him and got shot in the back. Ben tried to stop the bleeding but didn't have anything to help treat the wound. Dumbo was then left as Ben went to try and find the one shooting at them, which turned out to be a Silencer. She was an elderly woman that had been eating cats in stews and had tried to trick Ben but he managed to kill her. Ben returned and wanted to stay with him but Dumbo knew that he had to find Ringer and Teacup or this would've been for nothing. Ben then went off to try and find Ringer and Teacup but promised that he would be back for him.

As Dumbo stayed there, he decided that he didn't want to just bleed out lying on a single spot like Poundcake had, so he tried to make his way all the way back to the safehouse by crawling. He made it as far as just outside the city limits before he began to pass out. He was then found by Ben, Ringer and a girl named Constance that was traveling with Ringer. Ben told Dumbo that he came back as promised and Dumbo smiled before the rest of his life left him. Ben and Ringer went to give Dumbo a proper burial.

After the attack at the caves outside Urbana, Ben came to and found Dumbo next to him as he gave him some first aid. He believed that he was dead and was reunited with him until he realized that it was all a hallucination and Dumbo was replaced by a 5th Wave soldier.

When Cassie was plugged into Wonderland, she absorbed Dumbo's memories and consciousness into herself along with everyone that had ever been tapped by Wonderland.


  • Dumbo's favourite city was Dubuque.
  • In the film adaptation, Dumbo was seen to be safely on a skyscraper in New York looking down on the destruction brought on by the 2nd Wave.