The Crucifix Soldier was a man that Cassie Sullivan ran into when she stopped in a gas stop for supplies. She had run into him huddled in a corner and he seemed hurt. She had her gun on him and he put his gun away to help put her mind at ease. When she saw his other hand was concealed, she told him to take it out to see what he was holding. He slowly moved his hand out, but Cassie was too tense and thought he was pulling out a gun when she saw a glint of silver. She let bullets loose on him and killed him. She then went to see what he had hidden and saw that he only had a crucifix.

This event followed Cassie throughout the book and she even wrote about it in her journal to try and quell her guilt. It haunted her for weeks on end.

Evan Walker learned about the Crucifix Soldier when he read Cassie's journal and brought it up to Cassie's shock and anger.

Cassie's mind went back to the Crucifix Soldier when she ran into a doctor at Camp Haven. He had reached into his pocket much like the soldier had his hand in his pocket. Cassie felt something different facing this doctor opposed to the soldier and pulled out her gun to see that the doctor did have an actual gun.

She shared her encounter with the Crucifix Soldier with Ben Parish and most likely the others in Squad 53 as even Ringer knew of her encounter with him.

Facts and Trivia

Cassie's encounter with the Crucifix Soldier becomes a moral focal point for all three stories for many characters outside Cassie. Ben Parish ended up having a similar situation with the Cat Lady, though his encounter was a genuine threat instead of a mistake.