Chris was a guy that was part of the same refugee camp where Ben Parish stayed at after the 3rd Wave. He was the first friend that Ben made after the waves had begun. He was later killed at Camp Haven.

His only appearance was in The 5th Wave.

The 5th Wave

Chris and Ben shared the same tent together in the camp that they both ended up at when the 3rd Wave had struck. When Ben had caught the plague he was watched over by Chris who tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Then their camp was invaded by armed soldiers and both Chris and Ben were taken and brought to Camp Haven.

Once there, Chris was put through their screening process and was then put into the camp's execution room. When Ben was healed from the plague he was brought to where Chris was kept and saw him through a scope that they explained allowed them to see if the Others had infected someone. Ben saw that Chris was infected. He was then asked to execute him in order to put Chris out of his misery. Ben didn't want to but was pressured to do so as to 'save' his friend. Ben eventually pushed the button to execute him.

Ben often thought of Chris and his decision to push that button. Later on, it was revealed that Chris wasn't infected at all and that the true 'Teds' were in fact the soldiers and leaders of the Camp who were part of the 4th Wave. The revelation that Chris was innocent horrified Ben

Facts and Trivia


The 'Infested' shown to Ben Parish

In the film adaptation, Ben Parish was made to execute an unnamed person who was 'infected' by the Others in the same manner that he did to Chris.