Camp Haven was the name given to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base that was converted into a training camp after the Arrival. It was named Camp Haven as a sign that it was a safe place to be away from the effects of the waves. The commander of the base is Colonel Vosch. The camp was stocked with the only known working vehicles and aircraft left on the planet following the 1st Wave.

It was presented as the lead foothold of the human race against the Others but was really a death camp controlled by them. When the base was first mentioned, Vosch had explained to the people of Ashpit that the army had been in extreme quarantine since the 3rd Wave hit but have now left to seek survivors. They had school buses up and running to take in the refugees to the base, starting with the children. The children were taken to the camp and were separated after they had been plugged into Wonderland. From there the children were divided into groups on whether they were drafted into the army, placed into the shelter or put up for extermination. 

There were duties for everyone to do at Camp Haven. If the recruits weren't training then they were put into the Process and Disposal Center where they helped in burning the corpses of dead humans. It was customary for the children to strip the bodies down of all belongings before they were put into the incinerators and many of them had a habit of pocketing any jewelry or money that they found on them even though they were now worthless. There was power and running water the base through burning coal. Camp Haven always had two large puffs of smoke shooting into the sky of black or gray though many of the recruits couldn't tell which was from the coal and which was from the burning bodies.

Drills were also practiced in case of an 'attack' by the Others. During these drills points were added or taken away from the squads and tallied on a board. Squad 19 was frequently one of the teams on the top of the board before 53 eventually caught up. Soon enough, training had ended and Vosch was ready to put the squads into active combat. Squad 53 had been among the first ones sent out to exterminate 'Teds' with the use of detection scopes retrofitted into their helmets.

However, Squad 53 learned the truth behind Vosch and Camp Haven and Ben Parish went back to infiltrate the base to retrieve Sam Sullivan who stayed behind. At the same time, Cassie Sullivan had also learned of the truth behind Camp Haven from Evan Walker and was moving to infiltrate the base as well to retrieve her brother Sam. Their actions caused the base to be destroyed but not before Vosch had all of the assets and the child recruits moved to another base.

Camp Haven was reduced to a deep crater.

Camp Haven II

When Wright-Patterson base was lost, Vosch had all operations moved to a new base that is located a few miles north of Lake Erie. This facility is up and running, as untouched by the 1st Wave as the first one was. It is here that Vosch had taken Ringer and put through The 12th System to make her into a Silencer. However, the story spread to the cadets is that they had gotten new nanobot technology from the Others that they are using to clean Teds of the Others' presence.

It was here that Vosch had taken Evan Walker after he had been captured by his soldiers. He was placed into Wonderland and then drained of his consciousness and memories to make him an emotionless drone.

Ringer returned with Cassie here to save him. Vosch was shot and killed by Cassie here while Ringer found the master killswitch and activated it to kill all of the soldiers part of the 5th Wave. Cassie then boarded Vosch's personal pod and headed for the Others' spaceship and destroyed it. Ben and Ringer managed to get Evan and used Wonderland to restore his memories. When they finished at the base they left it to be abandoned.