The 5th Wave Mux

For countless generations people have looked up to the sky and wondered "Are we alone? Are there other intelligent races out there?" And for generations that question was left unanswered. Until five months ago.

It was dubbed the Arrival. A huge spaceship spotted passing by Mars and then two days later dropped into the upper atmosphere of Earth. It was huge, five miles in diameter at the least. We sent welcome messages and tried to communicate with whoever or whatever was inside. Our messages were met with silence. And it was deafening.%R%RNo one knew what to make if it. Some people welcomed the visitors, throwing parties and continued attempts to communicate. Others saw it as the beginning of the end, and fled to what they thought were secure areas, to wait out what was going to happen.

The attacks happened in waves. The first was subtle, then each more blatant until the fourth wave. Now we prey on each other. Searching for the humanity we lost. And waiting for the next wave, the one that could kill us all.

We are a relatively new game, opened for Beta in June. The player base is still small but welcoming and eager to RP.  Staff is friendly and running scenes weekly.  We even have roster characters if a player wants to jump right in and not have to worry about that apping and approval process.

Please read more on our theme at, The 5th Wave Or just drop in for a visit, 5555, hope to see you there.

Disclaimer: Neither staff nor players receive any monetary compensation for this game nor do we claim to be the creator of the theme its based on.  We are just there to have fun RPing in the post-alien invasion world that Mr. Yancey has created.